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  1. PLSC
    ε-Differential Privacy, and a Two Step*
    Privacy Law Scholars Conference
    [forthcoming] May, 2022
  2. PETS
    ML-CB: Machine Learning Canvas Block*
    Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium
    1. USENIX
      What Twitter Knows: Characterizing Ad Targeting Practices, User Perceptions, and Ad Explanations Through Users' Own Twitter Data
      29th USENIX Security Symposium
      August 12–14, 2020
    2. HTLJ
      Faces and Fingers: Authentication*
      Suffolk University Journal of High Technology Law
  3. STLR
    Privacy and Synthetic Datasets*
    Stanford Technology Law Review
    1. GLR
      Algorithmic Choice and Superior Responsibility: Closing the Gap Between Liability and Lethal Autonomy by Defining the Line Between Actors and Tools*
      Gonzaga Law Review
    2. JPTOS
      CAD's Parallel to Technical Drawings: Copyright in the Fabricated World*
      Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society